Koh Lanta North – Sala Dan

Saladan Town
Saladan is the main town on the north of the island.  At first glance, Saladan looks like any other unplanned tourist area with a hodgepodge oftourist oriented shops growing over the local culture and traditional buildings like a rash, but take a closer look and it gets interesting.

The local culture is still there, and pretty much unchanged in some ways, albeit peppered with a wide variety of glass fronted banks, travel agents, dive shops, convenience stores etc.  If you want to change money, go to the optical shop or buy some wine and gouda, Saladan is definitely the place to go; but after you’ve done your business, you can still find traditional fish mongers, markets, restaurants, fishing enclaves and plenty of traditional houses built on stilts over the ocean.  The contrast is fascinating as is the fusion, as many locals have set up shop in their homes selling all manner of brightly colored traveler necessities.  This is where the main pier and ferries are, so you will probably be here a few times on your way to and from other islands and the mainland, so a special trip may not be necessary, but try to get there a little early or stay a little late before or after one of your trips and take a little time to explore.

Destinations Private
Ao Nammao 2,199THB
Ao Nang 2,399THB
Cheow Lan Dam and Pier 4,799THB
Don Sak Pier 4,999THB
Had Yao 2,399THB
Khao Lak 4,299THB
Khao Sok 4,799THB
Klong Jilad Pier or Krabi Pier 1,999THB
Klong Muang 2,599THB
Krabi Airport 1,999THB
Krabi Town 2,199THB
Kuan Tung Ku Pier 2,699THB
Laem Kruat Pier 2,399THB
Nopparat Thara Beach and Pier 2,399THB
Pak meng Pier 2,499THB
Pakbara Pier 4,899THB
Phuket Airport 4,399THB
Phuket Ao Chalong 4,699THB
Phuket Kamala Beach 4,599THB
Phuket Karon Beach 4,699THB
Phuket Kata Beach 4,699THB
Phuket Nai Harn Beach 4,699THB
Phuket Nai Thorn Beach 4,399THB
Phuket Nai Yang Beach 4,399THB
Phuket Patong Beach 4,699THB
Phuket Rawai Beach 4,699THB
Phuket Surin Beach 4,599THB
Phuket Town 4,399THB
Si Kao 2,499THB
Suratthani Airport 5,199THB
Suratthani Town 4,799THB
Suratthani Train Station 4,999THB
Thalane 3,199THB
Thamalang Pier 5,499THB
Trang Airport 2,899THB
Trang Town 2,799THB
Trang Train Station 2,799THB
Tub kaek 2,799THB